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Our strongest commitment is to provide our client base with the best possible services available in the nation.  Our goal is to provide a powerful deterrent to minimize the potential of contraband being brought onto our client's property proactively.  We measure our success only when each individual client's goals and objectives are accomplished.  As a service oriented business, we will not sacrifice our commitment by lowering prices and proclaim it is in the spirit of competition. K.I.D.S. President & CEO, Mr. Steven Essler, has been providing this service to schools, businesses and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States since 1988 as well as the first in the state of California to initiate this type of service in June of 1992 to both schools and businesses. Since then, similar businesses have entered the marketplace on an individual basis or even as a franchise and so did the unnecessary litigations challenging their interpretation of standards and guidelines. Our client base remains committed and satisfied with the fact that Mr. Essler has been providing this type of service since August of 1988 throughout the United States without any litigation. This alone is almost unprecedented when considering any other provider in the detection canine industry. With our senior management staff having over (50) years of combined experience in the areas of law, detection canines and narcotics, it is easy to see why others in the industry only offer lower prices as their competitive edge. When comparing our organization's background and references you will see why our clients continue to say we are distinguished by our professional standards nationwide!

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