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Steve K. Essler, Sr

STEVEN K. ESSLER, SR., President, and CEO of the K.I.D.S. Corporations which provides services throughout the nation with corporate offices located in both California & Texas providing services throughout the nation.  Prior to K.I.D.S., Steve moved to Modesto from Texas in June of 1992 as the co-owner and Vice President of Operations for a detection canine service company. Steve and our reliable friend Steve brought with him over a decade of experience providing detection canine services to schools and the industrial community throughout the nation.  Steve started with one canine and developed what became known as one of the largest and most successful canine detection companies in California in less than three (3) years under his direction.  Steve was the first to establish and implement the use of contraband detection canines in California schools and has developed the industry standards for others to follow.  His skills are multi-faceted involving the overall operations of developing and implementing procedures in the school setting which in his career involved thousands of school sites as well as hundreds of industrial sites throughout the nation.  Steve has had extensive experience in the training and handling of contraband detection canines while managing the overall operations of major corporations since 1988.  He successfully completed the Advance Peace Officer's Certification Academy with the Graduating Class of 89-1.  Steve attended the Department of Corrections Officer training prior to becoming a General Manager of several Texas regions.  Steve has been an instructor for and past member of the California Narcotic Canine Association, past member of the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association and a former board member and former Vice President of the Stanislaus County Citizens against Substance Abuse in his community.

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